Travel Health Insurance

Planning on visiting Canada? If you aren’t a Canadian resident, you won’t be covered by Canadian provincial health plans. This means you could face significant out-of-pocket expenses if an unexpected illness or accident occurs.

We’ve got you covered

National Wealth Management provides convenient and affordable, and secure travel insurance for visitors to Canada. With medical insurance for visitors in Canada, you’ll be protected against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies. You can buy coverage before coming to Canada or after arriving, and it may also cover short trips outside of Canada.

Great protection for a range of situations

Health insurance for visitors in Canada is also a smart solution for:

  • people who are in Canada on a work visa
  • Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan
  • those who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage

Meeting Super Visa insurance requirements

Whether you’re applying for your own Super Visa or for a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa, you must have proof that you have obtained private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. Purchase our Canada visitor insurance to meet Super Visa insurance requirements.

Quick facts

  • Available for travelers from any country visiting Canada
  • Maximum length of stay in Canada is 365 days
  • Can be renewed for a second 365 days
  • Maximum coverage is from $CA 100,000 to $CA 150,000 (69 & under)
  • You may get coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if stable for 180 days up to age 85
  • You can buy the insurance after you arrive in Canada under certain conditions with a waiting period on claims related to sickness
  • Covers direct payment of medical fees
  • You can make temporary trips outside of Canada under certain conditions

Benefits at a glance

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Ambulance services
  • Hospital allowance
  • Emergency diagnostic services, such as x-rays and blood work
  • Paramedical services, $CA 70 a visit to max 700
  • Prescription drugs for 30 days; unlimited if hospitalized
  • Emergency dental treatment, up to $CA 3,000
  • Transportation of friend or family member to bedside
  • Expenses for childcare
  • Expenses to bring you home
  • Expenses to return your travel companion or children under your care
  • Expenses related to your death, up to $CA 3,000
  • Returning your vehicle to your home, up to $CA 3,000

For complete details, please read the Policy for Visitors to Canada [PDF]



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