When you’re planning your financial life, sometimes it can feel like you’re in the deep end of the pool with limited swimming skills. Fortunately, the deep end is where we hang out.

We are continually making deeper investment into:


Service quality

We don’t let technology override the importance of true service. Eye contact, active listening, human connection, empathy, there’s no substitute for deep human connection.



We’re not dinosaurs! We dig deep into the metrics of your plan, get access to the resources you need, and assume more control of your financial plan with the tools available at National Wealth Management.


Our shared community

When we walk the streets of Halifax and the surrounding area, we want to be proud of the impact we have. That’s why we invest our time in clients who share our vision of the importance of strengthening our community.


Market research

We can’t sit on our laurels and wait for the quarterly investment reports to roll in. We’re constant learners and active researchers. We love taking a deep dive into the data, so expect us to be abreast of new and emerging financial news that affects you.


Sustainable futures for younger generations

The onus is on us. Future generations deserve the same ecological environment that we enjoy today. There’s no better cohort of humans to lead the pack than society’s business owners.

When you work with us we will…

  • Deeply understand your goals and develop a plan to help reach them.
  • Present an in-depth analysis and discuss our recommendations.
  • Implement the recommendations and monitor your progress.
  • Plan regular meetings with you to assess the progress toward your goals making adjustments as necessary.