Lots of choice is great—but sometimes it's challenging to decide what's best. Whether you're choosing Elements coverage, which lets you mix-and-match modules to build the perfect plan for you, or one of our other plans, consider your stage of life, your family's needs, and your future needs. Read on to see how others have created their perfect plans.




Entry Health and Essential Drug

Sophie has been covered under her parents' plan but, now that's she's 22, she's getting her own plan. She takes advantage of the 60-day window to move from her parents' personal health plan to her own Elements plan without having to answer medical questions.

She's looking for an affordable plan with drug coverage. She chooses Entry Health with Essential Drug coverage.


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Essential Health, Enhanced Drug and Guaranteed Issue

Patrick has been covered under his employer-sponsored plan but is now planning for his retirement. He’s kept himself in good health but wants to make sure his wife—who struggles with COPD—has the protection she needs.

For himself, Patrick chooses an Elements plan with Essential Health with Enhanced Drug coverage. To avoid having to answer medical questions about her pre-existing condition, Patrick’s wife chooses our Guaranteed Issue plan. Coverage under this plan includes expenses related to her pre-existing conditions.


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Enhanced Health, Enhanced Drugs, Enhanced Dental and Critical Illness

Alex and Audrey have a three-year-old and another on the way. They'd like the comprehensive coverage of an Elements plan and want to plan for the future inevitables... like antibiotics and braces. They take an annual family vacation and often take road trips in the summer, so they choose Enhanced Health module for the travel coverage it includes. They go with Enhanced Drugs and opt for Enhanced Dental, which will cover orthodontic treatment for their kids.

They also add on the Critical Illness module, so their living expenses won't be a concern in the event one of them develops a devastating illness.


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