Get the best travel insurance for Canadians on the go

If you’re planning to travel to another province or country, get the best travel insurance for Canadians with National Wealth Management. Our insurance gives you a simple, affordable way to protect you and your family against the cost of an unexpected accident or illness.

Flexible plans to suit your exact needs

Stay for a few days or spend the whole winter. Go on just one trip or enjoy multiple trips per year. Choose only emergency medical coverage or only non-medical travel insurance. Whatever your needs, you’ll quickly see that we have the best travel insurance 



All-Inclusive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive trip insurance that bundles all your insurance needs into one policy.

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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Protecting you from the costs associated with unexpected illnesses or accidents while traveling.

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Annual Travel Insurance

Purchase travel insurance just once a year and travel as many times as you’d like.

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Non-Medical Travel Insurance

If you’re already covered for emergency medical, top up with cancellation, baggage, personal liability and more.

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Cancellation and Interruption Insurance

Protect yourself if an illness, injury or unforeseen event forces you to cancel or cut short your trip.

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Our comprehensive and affordable travel insurance for snowbirds covers you for up to a full year outside the country.

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