Day 14 - Hove to and lying ahull

Todd Ellis |

Unfortunately, our day started with the news that the storm front had sped up.  

Winds and swell continued to build throughout the day to a very uncomfortable gale force winds and swell up to 20-25 feet.  

We had three reefs in the main and a handkerchief for a gib. 

After fatigue of 14 hours of managing the storm, we decided to heave to.  

To be prepared for any eventuality we contacted the MMRC Delgada to inform them of our location as well as friends and family back home. 

After another of heaving to there was a lot of pressure being put on the roller furling we decide to then lie ahull.  

After more communications and a few hours of rest, the wind dropped and we started to get underway.  

Having weathered a North Atlantic gale we are also for Footloose looking after its crew. 

Looking forward to reaching Flores.

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